Why Brake Checking on a Motorcycle is a Bad Idea

16 July on Motorcycle Crashes   Tags: , ,

motorcycle tries to brake check car

The title of this one says it all.  This is just a terrible idea, even though we get the biker’s frustration.  Someone flies up on you (even though here he’s the one who cuts over in front of the car) and your immediate reaction is to let them know in some way to back the hell off.  However, it would serve him well to remember that he is, in fact, on a bike and more vulnerable in a collision, as evidenced here.

This wreck definitely messes his bike up, and we’re assuming he’s in a pretty rough state afterwards as well, considering he’s still laying on the ground.  Of course, the driver of the car seems fine, even stopping to check on his car before heading over to check on the motorcycle rider (kind of a douchebag move, if you ask us).  Still, it was an idiot thing to do on the biker’s part, and one that he’ll hopefully stay away from next time.  What about you – ever seen something like this happen before?  Don’t forget to like and share. 229Q609E878