Beautiful 1915 Henderson Model E

18 June on Vintage Motorcycles   Tags: , ,


Some of you diehards may know a thing or two about this bike already.  The beauty you see in this video is a 1915 Henderson Model E motorcycle.  Henderson Motorcycle Company was started in 1911 in Detroit by brothers William and Tom Henderson.  Their bikes were known as the biggest and fastest bikes of their time, and were popular among enthusiasts and police departments for those very reasons.  This 1915 version reduced the wheelbase from 65″ to 58″ and allowed for better handling than its predecessors.  The Model E also saw changes by way of a longer starting crank and handlebars, and engine enhancements that included ball-jointed rocker arms, improved lubrication, and a new camshaft.

Demand became so high for this bike that Henderson had to double production, and it’s certainly easy to see why.  We’ve got to say, we’re a bit envious of this biker’s classic model, even with the modern rims and tires.  It’s not every day you see a street-ready bike that’s almost a century old, but that’s what we’ve got here.  If you’ve got an appreciation for this vintage bike like we do, share and like our post.